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Color Thresholder

Threshold a color image


The Color Thresholder app lets you threshold color images by manipulating the color components of these images, based on different color spaces. Using this app, you can create a segmentation mask for a color image.

Open the Color Thresholder App

  • MATLAB® Toolstrip: On the Apps tab, under Image Processing and Computer Vision, click the Color Thresholder app icon.

  • MATLAB command prompt: Enter colorThresholder.

Programmatic Use

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colorThresholder opens the Color Thresholder app, which enables you to create a segmentation mask of a color image based on the exploration of different color spaces.

colorThresholder(RGB) opens the Color Thresholder app, loading the image RGB into the app.

colorThresholder close closes all open instances of the Color Thresholder app.

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Introduced in R2014a

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