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Specify rectangle with mouse


rect = getrect
rect = getrect(fig)
rect = getrect(ax)


rect = getrect lets you select a rectangle in the current axes using the mouse. Use the mouse to click and drag the desired rectangle. rect is a four-element vector with the form [xmin ymin width height]. To constrain the rectangle to be a square, use a shift- or right-click to begin the drag.

rect = getrect(fig) lets you select a rectangle in the current axes of figure fig using the mouse.

rect = getrect(ax) lets you select a rectangle in the axes specified by the handle ax.


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Display an image using imshow.


Choose points interactively in the displayed image using the mouse. When you are done, getrect returns the size and position of your rectangle.

rect = getrect

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Introduced before R2006a

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