Check number of input arguments

iptchecknargin will be removed in a future release. Use narginchk instead.


iptchecknargin(low, high, num_inputs, func_name)


iptchecknargin(low, high, num_inputs, func_name) checks whether num_inputs is in the range indicated by low and high. If not, iptchecknargin issues a formatted error message.

low should be a scalar nonnegative integer.

high should be a scalar nonnegative integer or Inf.

func_name is a string that specifies the name used in the formatted error message to identify the function checking the handle.


Create a function and use iptchecknargin to check that the number of arguments passed to the function is within the expected range.

function test_function(varargin)

Trigger the error message by executing the function at the MATLAB® command line, specifying more than the expected number of arguments.


Introduced before R2006a

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