True for valid ICC color profile


TF = isicc(P)


TF = isicc(P) returns True if structure P is a valid ICC color profile; otherwise False.

isicc checks if P has a complete set of the tags required for an ICC profile. P must contain a Header field, which in turn must contain a Version field and a DeviceClass field. These fields, and others, are used to determine the set of required tags according to the ICC Profile Specification, either Version 2 (ICC.1:2001-04) or Version 4 (ICC.1:2001-12), which are available at The set of required tags is given in Section 6.3 in either version.


Read in an ICC profile and isicc returns True.

P = iccread('sRGB.icm');

TF = isicc(P)

TF =


This example creates a MATLAB® structure and uses isicc to test if it's a valid ICC profile. isicc returns False. = 'Any Student';
S.score = 83;
S.grade = 'B+'

TF = isicc(S)

TF =


Introduced before R2006a

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