Convert NTSC values to RGB color space


rgbmap = ntsc2rgb(yiqmap)
RGB = ntsc2rgb(YIQ)


rgbmap = ntsc2rgb(yiqmap) converts the m-by-3 NTSC (television) color values in yiqmap to RGB color space. If yiqmap is m-by-3 and contains the NTSC luminance (Y) and chrominance (I and Q) color components as columns, then rgbmap is an m-by-3 matrix that contains the red, green, and blue values equivalent to those colors. Both rgbmap and yiqmap contain intensities in the range 0 to 1.0. The intensity 0 corresponds to the absence of the component, while the intensity 1.0 corresponds to full saturation of the component.

RGB = ntsc2rgb(YIQ) converts the NTSC image YIQ to the equivalent truecolor image RGB.

ntsc2rgb computes the RGB values from the NTSC components using

[RGB]=[1.000  0.956  0.6211.0000.2720.6471.0001.106  1.703][YIQ].

Class Support

The input image or colormap must be of class double. The output is of class double.


Convert RGB image to NTSC and back.

RGB = imread('board.tif');
NTSC = rgb2ntsc(RGB);
RGB2 = ntsc2rgb(NTSC);
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