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Select region of interest (ROI) based on color


BW = roicolor(A,low,high)
BW = roicolor(A,v)


roicolor selects a region of interest (ROI) within an indexed or intensity image and returns a binary image. (You can use the returned image as a mask for masked filtering using roifilt2.)

BW = roicolor(A,low,high) returns an ROI selected as those pixels that lie within the colormap range [low high].

BW = (A >= low) & (A <= high)

BW is a binary image with 0's outside the region of interest and 1's inside.

BW = roicolor(A,v) returns an ROI selected as those pixels in A that match the values in vector v. BW is a binary image with 1's where the values of A match the values of v.

Class Support

The input image A must be numeric. The output image BW is of class logical.


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Load an indexed image.

load clown

Create binary mask image based on color.

BW = roicolor(X,10,20);

Display the original image and the binary mask.



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Introduced before R2006a

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