Save Control Point Selection Session

To save the current state of the Control Point Selection Tool, choose the Export Points to Workspace option from the File menu. In the Export Points to Workspace dialog box, select the Structure with all points check box.

This option saves the positions of all the control points you specified and their current states in a cpstruct structure.

cpstruct = 

         inputPoints: [2x2 double]
          basePoints: [2x2 double]
      inputBasePairs: [2x2 double]
                 ids: [2x1 double]
        inputIdPairs: [2x2 double]
         baseIdPairs: [2x2 double]
    isInputPredicted: [2x1 double]
     isBasePredicted: [2x1 double]

You can use the cpstruct to restart a control point selection session at the point where you left off.

This option is useful if you are picking many points over a long time and want to preserve unmatched and predicted points when you resume work. The Control Point Selection Tool does not include unmatched and predicted points in the movingPoints and fixedPoints arrays.

To extract the arrays of valid control point coordinates from a cpstruct, use the cpstruct2pairs function.

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