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Read and Write Image Data from DICOM Files

Read and write data from DICOM files


dicomanon Anonymize DICOM file
dicomdict Get or set active DICOM data dictionary
dicomdisp Display DICOM file structure
dicominfo Read metadata from DICOM message
dicomlookup Find attribute in DICOM data dictionary
dicomread Read DICOM image
dicomuid Generate DICOM unique identifier
dicomwrite Write images as DICOM files


DICOM Support in the Image Processing Toolbox

Learn how MATLAB® supports files in the Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) file format.

Create New DICOM Series

This example shows how to create a new series when writing a modified image to a DICOM file.

Explicit Versus Implicit VR Attributes

DICOM infers a value representation (VR) of an attribute unless a VR is specified.

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