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Translate an Image

This example shows how to perform a translation operation on an image using the imtranslate function. A translation operation shifts an image by a specified number of pixels in either the x or y direction, or both.

Read image. The size of the image is 256-by-256 pixels. By default, imshow displays the image with the corner at 0,0.

I = imread('cameraman.tif');


Translate the image, shifting the image by 15 pixels in the x direction and 25 pixels in the y direction. Note that, by default, imtranslate displays the translated image within the boundaries (or limits) of the original 256-by-256 image. This results in some of the translated image being clipped. To see the entire translated image, use the 'OutputView' parameter (shown in the following step).

J = imtranslate(I,[15, 25]);

Use the 'OutputView' parameter set to 'full' to adjust the display to show the entire translated image.

J = imtranslate(I,[15, 25],'OutputView','full');

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