Device Connection

Establish and manage connection between image acquisition device and MATLAB®

To connect to and acquire images from any supported hardware, you can use the videoinput object. Use the imaqhwinfo function to determine your device adaptor names. You must install the appropriate support packages for the adaptors to show up. See Installing the Support Packages for Image Acquisition Toolbox Adaptors.

If you are using GigE Vision hardware, see the GigE Vision Device Configuration section for information about setting up acquisition with GigE Vision cameras.


clear Clear image acquisition object from MATLAB workspace
delete Remove image acquisition object from memory
disp Display method for image acquisition objects
imaqfind Find image acquisition objects
imaqhwinfo Information about available image acquisition hardware
imaqreset Disconnect and delete all image acquisition objects
imaqtool Launch Image Acquisition Tool
start Obtain exclusive use of image acquisition device
stop Stop video input object
videoinput Create video input object
imaq.VideoDevice Acquire one frame at a time from video device
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