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Specify how often to acquire frame from video stream


The FrameGrabInterval property specifies how often the video input object acquires a frame from the video stream. By default, objects acquire every frame in the video stream, but you can use this property to specify other acquisition intervals.


Do not confuse the frame grab interval with the frame rate. The frame rate describes the rate at which an image acquisition device provides frames, typically measured in seconds, such as 30 frames per second. The frame grab interval is measured in frames, not seconds. If a particular device's frame rate is configurable, the video source object might include the frame rate as a device-specific property.

For example, when you specify a FrameGrabInterval value of 3, the object acquires every third frame from the video stream, as illustrated in this figure. The object acquires the first frame in the video stream before applying the FrameGrabInterval.

You specify the source of the video stream in the SelectedSourceName property.



Read only while running

Data type



Any positive integer. The default value is 1 (acquire every frame).

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