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Image Data Acquisition

Specify acquisition parameters such as data logging, number of frames, and triggering; acquire image data


imaqtool Launch Image Acquisition Tool
videoinput Create video input object
imaq.VideoDevice Acquire one frame at a time from video device
getdata Acquired image frames to MATLAB workspace
peekdata Most recently acquired image data
getsnapshot Immediately return single image frame
set Configure or display image acquisition object properties
start Obtain exclusive use of image acquisition device
islogging Determine whether video input object is logging
isrunning Determine whether video input object is running
isvalid Determine whether image acquisition object is associated with image acquisition device
wait Wait until image acquisition object stops running or logging
stop Stop video input object
clear Clear image acquisition object from MATLAB workspace
delete Remove image acquisition object from memory
flushdata Remove data from memory buffer used to store acquired image frames
obj2mfile Convert video input objects to MATLAB code
imaqmem Limit memory or display memory usage for Image Acquisition Toolbox software
imaqmontage Sequence of image frames as montage
load Load image acquisition object into MATLAB workspace
save Save image acquisition objects to MAT-file
supportPackageInstaller Find and install support for third-party hardware or software
trigger Initiate data logging
triggerconfig Configure video input object trigger properties
triggerinfo Provide information about available trigger configurations

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