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Record absolute time of first trigger


The InitialTriggerTime property records the absolute time of the first trigger. The absolute time is recorded as a MATLAB® clock vector.

For all trigger types, InitialTriggerTime records the time when the Logging property is set to 'on'.

To find the time when a subsequent trigger executed, view the Data.AbsTime field of the EventLog property for the particular trigger.



Read only

Data type

Six-element vector of doubles (MATLAB clock vector)


The default value is [].


Create an image acquisition object, vid, for a USB-based webcam.

vid = videoinput('winvideo',1);

Start the object. Because the TriggerType property is set to 'immediate' by default, the trigger executes immediately. The object records the time of the initial trigger.


abstime = vid.InitialTriggerTime

abstime =

   1.0e+003 *

      1.9990    0.0020    0.0190    0.0130    0.0260    0.0208

Convert the clock vector into an integer form for display.

t = fix(abstime);

sprintf('%d:%d:%d', t(4),t(5),t(6))

ans =


See Also


clock, getdata

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