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Macintosh DCAM IEEE 1394 Hardware

Troubleshooting Macintosh DCAM Devices

If you are having trouble using the Image Acquisition Toolbox™ software with a supported Macintosh DCAM IEEE® 1394 hardware acquisition device, follow these recommended troubleshooting steps:

  1. Verify that your IEEE 1394 (FireWire) camera can be accessed through the dcam adaptor.

    • Make sure the camera complies with the IIDC 1394-based Digital Camera (DCAM) specification. Vendors typically include this information in documentation that comes with the camera. If your digital camera is not DCAM compliant, you might be able to use the Macintosh Video Adaptor.

  2. With previous versions of the Image Acquisition Toolbox, the files for all of the adaptors were included in your installation. Starting with version R2014a, each adaptor is available separately through MATLAB® Add-Ons. In order to use the Image Acquisition Toolbox, you must install the adaptor that your camera uses, in this case, the DCAM Hardware support package. See Image Acquisition Support Packages for Hardware Adaptors for information about installing the adaptors.

  3. Verify that your image acquisition hardware is functioning properly.

    You can verify that your hardware is functioning properly by running an external webcam application, for example, Photo Booth or iMovie.

    If you can start the utility, run the utility, and close the utility without encountering any errors, then the toolbox should be able to operate with your image acquisition device. If you encounter errors, resolve them before attempting to use the toolbox with the device.

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