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Specify name of currently selected video source


The SelectedSourceName property specifies the name of the video source object from which the video input object acquires data. The name is specified as a character vector. By default, the video input object selects the first available video source object stored in the Source property.

The toolbox defines a video source as one or more hardware inputs that are treated as a single entity. For example, hardware supporting multiple RGB sources, each of which is made up of three physical connections (red-green-blue), is treated as a single video source object.



Read only while running

Data type

Character vector


The video input object assigns a name to each video source object it creates. Names are defined at object creation time and are vendor specific.

By default, the toolbox uses the first available source name.


To see a list of all available sources, create a video input object.

vid = videoinput('matrox');

View a list of all available video source objects.

src_names = vid.SelectedSourceName;

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