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Selecting Your Device in Image Acquisition Tool

Selecting a Device and Format

The Hardware Browser pane shows the image acquisition devices currently connected to your system. Each device is a separate node in the browser. All of the formats the device supports are listed under the device. Each device's default format is indicated in parentheses. The format information displayed under a device comes from the device's adaptor.

Select the device format or camera file you want to use for the acquisition by clicking its name in the tree. When the format is selected, you can then set acquisition parameters and preview your data.

Adding New Hardware

When you open the Image Acquisition Tool, the Hardware Browser automatically shows the image acquisition devices supported by the toolbox that are currently connected to your system. If you plug a new device in while the Image Acquisition Tool is open, select Tools > Refresh Image Acquisition Hardware to display the new device in the Hardware Browser.

Using a Camera File

If your device supports the use of a camera file, also known as a device configuration file, you can select it under the device name in the Hardware Browser. For example, some frame grabbers support them.

Under the device name in the Hardware Browser, you would see a node that says Click to add camera file... if the device supports the use of camera files.

To use a camera file:

  1. In the Hardware Browser, single-click the node under your device name that says Click to add camera file....

  2. In the Specify camera file dialog box, type the path and name of the file, or click the Browse button to locate it, and then click OK.

    The camera file will then become a new node under the device, similar to any of the formats listed under a device. You can then set acquisition parameters, preview, and acquire data using it.


The tool ignores hardware trigger configurations included in a camera file. To configure hardware triggering, use the Trigger tab in the Acquisition Parameters pane.

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