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Setting Preferences

There are three GigE Vision related preferences in the Image Acquisition Preferences. In MATLAB®, on the Home tab, in the Environment section, click Preferences > Image Acquisition.

Timeout for packet acknowledgement – this is a timeout value for the time between the sending of a command (for camera discovery or control) and the time that the acknowledgement is received from the camera.

Timeout for heartbeat – the camera requires that the application send a packet every so often (like a heartbeat) to keep the control connection alive. This is the setting for that packet period. Setting it too low can add unnecessary load to the computer and to the camera. Setting it too high can cause the camera to remain in use too long beyond when the toolbox attempts to relinquish control, leading to a failure to obtain control to start another acquisition.

Retries for commands – this is the number of attempts that the toolbox will make to send a command to the camera before deciding that the send has failed. The time between retries is set by the Timeout for packet acknowledgement setting.

Disable camera IP correction – check if you want to disable automatic IP correction for your camera. Clear the check mark to re-enable IP correction.

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