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Using Code Generation

The From Video Device block supports the use of code generation. You can generate code from the block. This enables models containing the From Video Device block to run successfully in Accelerator, Rapid Accelerator, and Deployed modes.

Here is a typical workflow for code generation.

  1. Develop a model using the From Video Device block and blocks from the Computer Vision System Toolbox™.

  2. Run the simulation to verify that your device is working.

  3. Build the model to generate code and create the executable.

The deployed application can then be used on a machine that does not have MATLAB® and Simulink®.

The block supports use of the packNGo function from Simulink Coder™. Source-specific properties for your device are honored when code is generated. The generated code compiles with both C and C++ compilers.

For more information, see Code Generation on the block reference page.

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