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Installation and Activation for Users

Installation of MathWorks® products on an individual computer

Use these procedures for all Standard Licenses - Individual, Home, and Student. For Educational licenses (Total Academic Headcount), visit the MathWorks TAH Resource Kit.


With Internet Connection

Install Products Using a MathWorks Account

Detailed, step-by-step installation instructions for Licensed End Users

Activate an Installation Using a MathWorks Account

Describes how to activate an installation using the MathWorks activation application

Without Internet Connection

Install Products with a File Installation Key

Describes how to perform off-network installation and activation

Activate an Installation Without the Internet

How to activate without an Internet connection

Manage Installations

Add Products to an Existing Installation

Instructions for adding MathWorks products to your existing installation.

Update an Existing Installation

Instructions for updating your existing installation.

Update Your License

What to do if, during validation, you get the message that you need to update your license.

Uninstall MathWorks Products

Describes how to remove a MathWorks product installation.

Uninstall Noninteractively

How to remove a MathWorks product installation without user interaction.

Deactivate an Installation

How to deactivate MathWorks software.


Start MATLAB Software

How to start your MATLAB® software.

Configure the MATLAB Startup Accelerator

How to speed up MATLAB startup.

Set Your MATLAB Startup Folder

Specify the folder to open when you start MATLAB.

Set Up MATLAB Environment Options

Use MATLAB startup file to specify commands you want executed every time you start MATLAB.

Find Information About MATLAB Software

Pointers to sources of information and other features you might find helpful in getting started with MATLAB.

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