Activation Types

This table describes the activation types supported by MathWorks®. For information about which activation type you can use with specific license options, see License Option and Activation Type Matrix

Activation Type1


Standalone Named User

Software is installed onto individual computers and does not use a network. Because this is a named-user option, the right-to-use privilege is assigned by your organization to a specific person. The designated named user may install and use the software on a number of computers. These can include work, home, lab computers, and laptops, as long as the licensed named user is the only person to use the software on each computer.

Designated Computer

Software is installed on one particular computer and does not use a network. The right-to-use privilege is available for nonsimultaneous use by multiple people.

Network Named User

Software is installed in a central location on your network. You maintain a list of named users who are authorized to operate the software. This installation type has the advantage of easier central management of the software. This option runs the FlexNet® license manager in user-based mode.

Network Concurrent User

Counts the number of simultaneous users of the software. If the number of simultaneous users exceeds the number of purchased keys, use is denied to anyone subsequently trying to start the software.

1 Licenses for academic institutions do not support all activation types.

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