This guide is intended to help the person charged with installing and activating MathWorks® products. MathWorks calls this person the Administrator contact on the license. When you purchase products, MathWorks automatically creates a MathWorks Account for the Administrator contact on the license and associates the license with the account.

The Administrator contact on a license does not necessarily have to be a system administrator. The Administrator contact can be an engineer or scientist who purchased the software for personal use. At larger sites, the Administrator contact can be an actual system administrator who sets up MathWorks products in network configurations.

In addition to the Administrator contact, MathWorks also defines other contact roles on a license that can provide flexibility in administering installations. For example, each license can have a Licensed End-User contact. This can be useful when the person administering the license is not going to be a user of the software. By assigning the Licensed End-User role, the Administrator contact can delegate certain administrative tasks to these end users. Likewise, a license can have one or more Asset Manager contacts. The Asset Manager contact has the same privileges as the Administrator contact and can serve as a back-up administrator. At large sites, the Asset Manager contact might administer the site-wide license and let Administrator contacts perform the day-to-day administration of departmental licenses. This documentation is aimed at the Administrator contact, except where other contacts are explicitly named.

Related Documentation

This guide provides a high-level view of installing and activating each license option. For more detailed information about installing and activating, see the installation documentation.

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