Basic Administrative Tasks

A Group license is a collection of Individual licenses, gathered together for the convenience of centralized administration. The Individual licenses in a Group license are called Group Member licenses.

When you purchase a Group license, you specify the number of copies of MATLAB® and other MathWorks® products you want on the license. The number of copies of each product (the user count) can vary. MathWorks automatically creates one Group Member license for each copy of MATLAB you purchase because each individual installation requires MATLAB. If any of the other products on the Group license have the same user count as MATLAB, MathWorks preassigns those products to the Group Member licenses as well. Initially, products with varying user counts remain on the Group license as unallocated products.

As Administrator contact for a Group license, your primary responsibility is to ensure that only authorized users have access to MathWorks products you install and to ensure that individual users have access to only those products for which they are licensed. This role involves the following fundamental tasks:

  • Setting up the Group Member licenses — Depending on the product configuration of your Group license and the amount of control you want to retain over the licenses, setup can involve:

    • Associating each user with a Group Member license — For more information, see Associate Users with Group Member Licenses. This step is optional for licenses that are locked to a particular computer but not a particular user.

    • Assigning products to Group Member licenses — Each user in your Group license can require different sets of MathWorks products. You must assign the products required by a user to that user's Group Member license. For more information, see Assign Products to Group Member Licenses.

    • Using license attributes to help track and control Group Member licenses — You can use license attributes to help you track and control the Group Member licenses in your Group license. For example, using license attributes you can assign labels to licenses and specify how much access users have to products and activations. For more information, see Use License Attributes to Customize a Group Member License.

    To perform these administrative tasks, use the License Center at the MathWorks website. The License Center is the primary tool for managing and tracking license usage.

  • Installing software on users' computers — After setting up the Group Member licenses, you, an Asset Manager, or the user must install the software on users' computers. For more information, see Install Software for Group Member Licenses.

  • Activating each installation — After the software is installed for each Group Member license, you must activate the installation. (The Group license itself does not need to be activated.) For more information, see Activate Group Member Licenses.

Repeat these steps for each Group Member license you want to set up. Depending on the product configuration of your Group license and the needs of your site, you might not have to perform every step. For example, if all the products on your Group License have the same user counts as MATLAB, MathWorks automatically preassigns the products to the Group Member licenses.

A Sample Group License

To illustrate, this example describes a sample Group license for a small department made up of five people: Abby, Bruce, Clive, David, and Ellen. Each person in the group needs a certain set of products, shown in the following table. In addition, the team wants to set up a computer in their lab that will provide availability to MATLAB and Simulink® software. This example is used throughout this section to illustrate administering a Group license.

ProductsAbbyBruceClive David EllenLab System
Signal Processing Toolbox™ xx x 
DSP System Toolbox™ xx x 
Optimization Toolbox™x  x  

When you purchase a Group license for this department, MathWorks creates a MathWorks Account for you (if you don't already have one) and associates the Group license with your account. You are assigned the role of Administrator contact on the license.

MathWorks also creates a number of Group Member licenses for the Group license—one for each copy of MATLAB that you purchased. MathWorks also preassigns any other products on the Group license that have the same user count as MATLAB. In this example, because Simulink has the same user count as MATLAB, each Group Member license is preassigned both products.

The following figure illustrates the initial state of this Group license.

Group License: Initial State

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