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Activate an Installation Without the Internet

Step 1: Start the Activation

Because you were not logged in to your MathWorks® Account during installation, or you started the activation application independently, you must choose whether to activate automatically or manually. Select the Activate manually without the Internet (recommended) option and click Next.

Step 2: Specify the Path to the License File

To activate without an Internet connection, you must have a License File. The License File identifies which products you can run. The administrator on the license can retrieve the License File from the License Center at the MathWorks website. Select the Enter the full path to your license file, including the file name option and enter the full path of your License File in the text box (or drag and drop the file) and click Next.

If you do not have your License File, select the I do not have a license file option and click Next to get information about how to retrieve a License File.

If You Do Not Have a License File

Save the information displayed in this dialog box. You can print a copy of this information by clicking Print. Take the information to a computer with an Internet connection and visit the License Center at the MathWorks website. MathWorks uses this information to generate a File Installation Key and a License File. You must have this information with you when you return to the computer on which you want to install and activate the software. To exit the activation application, click Finish.


Your installation is not activated yet. You cannot run MATLAB® until you retrieve your License File.

Step 3: Complete the Activation

After activating your installation, click Finish to exit the activation process.

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