Installation Procedures for Administrators of Licenses

If you are an administrator for the licenses that you want to install, you can:

  • Download and install MATLAB® software for the computer where you are logged in.

  • Download MATLAB products to a specified location and install the products later. You can:

    • Download products for multiple platforms.

    • Install the downloaded software on one or more computers.

  • Install products using a File Installation Key. Use this procedure if you have a DVD or downloaded the products previously and do not have an Internet connection. For instructions about installation using a File Installation Key, see Install Products with a File Installation Key

To determine whether you are an Administrator for one or more licenses:

  1. Log in to your MathWorks® Account.

  2. Select Manage Licenses.

  3. Find the license in the displayed list.

Activation for both installation methods is the same as activation for licensed-end user installations. For more information about activation, see Activate an Installation Using a MathWorks Account.

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