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Problems After Installation

After a successful installation, you may encounter problems starting MATLAB® software.

What Does This License Manager Error Mean?

Many problems starting MATLAB software after an installation originate with the FLEXnet® license manager used by MathWorks® products. When a problem occurs, the license manager displays an error message in a window on your display and also writes the message to the FlexNet® log file, lmlog.txt, in the matlabroot\etc\$ARCH folder. Read the error message carefully; it provides information that can help solve the problem. For information about viewing the license manager log file, see Manage the License Manager.

For diagnostic information about a particular error message:

  1. Visit the Installation Help support page at the MathWorks Web site,

  2. Select the License Manager category at the top of the page and click Find.

  3. Select the error number from the License Manager Errors menu in the Additional Resources section at the bottom of the page.

You can also get information about license manager error messages in the License Administration Guide for the FlexNet Publisher Licensing Toolkit, available in PDF format in matlabroot\etc\LicenseAdministration.pdf.

How Do I Allow Access to License Manager Daemons?

If you run the license manager on a server that is protected by a security firewall, you must open the firewall to allow client installations to communicate with the license manager daemons. For more information about these daemons, see the License Administration Guide.

Opening Access to the License Manager Daemon

Using the interface provided by your firewall program, allow access on port 27000 for the license manager daemon. This is the default port used to communicate with the license manager. If you changed this port number, specify the port number used at your site. For more information about specifying the license manager daemon port number, see the License Administration Guide.

Opening Access to the Vendor Daemon

The port used by the vendor daemon is assigned dynamically. If you need to open access to the vendor daemon in your firewall, you must assign a port for vendor daemon communication, rather than using this dynamic port assignment. You can then open the assigned port number in your firewall.

To specify the vendor daemon port number, edit the License File on your license server and add the port= syntax to the DAEMON line. For more information about specifying the vendor daemon port number, see the License Administration Guide.

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