MATLAB Student-Use Software

If you are studying engineering, science, math, or finance, then MATLAB® student-use software is your essential technical computing resource.

MATLAB student-use software includes full-featured versions of both the MATLAB and Simulink® software used by engineers, scientists, and mathematicians at leading universities, research laboratories, technology companies, and government laboratories around the world. MATLAB student-use software also includes several other MathWorks® software add-ons that help you do course work in the areas of signal processing, control design, statistics, optimization, and symbolic computing.

For more information about what the student-use software contains and what you can do with it, see MATLAB for Student Use.

MATLAB Student-Use Software Policy

The license for MATLAB student-use software is for use with courses at degree-granting institutions. MathWorks offers this license as a special service to the students and asks your help in seeing that its terms are not abused.

To use the license for MATLAB student-use software, you must be a student enrolled at a degree-granting higher education institution, or be a student or teacher at a high school or pre-university school. You should not use a license for student-use software at a company or government laboratory. Also, you may not use it if you are an instructor at a university, or for research, commercial, or industrial purposes. In these cases, you can acquire the appropriate license by contacting MathWorks at

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