Configuring the GPIB Address

Each GPIB object is associated with one controller and one instrument. The GPIB address consists of the board index of the GPIB controller, and the primary address and (optionally) the secondary address of the instrument. The term "board index" is equivalent to the term "logical unit" as used by Agilent Technologies®.

Note that some vendors place limits on the allowed board index values. Refer to Vendor Driver Requirements and Limitations for a list of these limitations. You can usually find the instrument addresses through a front panel display or by examining dip switch settings. Valid primary addresses range from 0 to 30. Valid secondary addresses range from 96 to 126, or can be 0, indicating that no secondary address is used.

The properties associated with the GPIB address are given below.

GPIB Address Properties

Property Name



Specify the index number of the GPIB board.


Specify the primary address of the GPIB instrument.


Specify the secondary address of the GPIB instrument.

You must specify the board index and instrument primary address values during GPIB object creation. The BoardIndex and PrimaryAddress properties are automatically updated with these values. If the instrument has a secondary address, you can specify its value during or after object creation by configuring the SecondaryAddress property.

You can display the address property values for the GPIB object g created in Creating a GPIB Object .


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