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Instrument Control Toolbox Functions

Alphabetical List By Category
addAdd entry to IVI configuration store object
binblockreadRead binblock data from instrument
binblockwriteWrite binblock data to instrument
bluetoothCreate Bluetooth object
clearRemove instrument objects from MATLAB workspace
clrdeviceClear instrument buffer
commitSave IVI configuration store object to data file
connectConnect device object to instrument
deleteRemove instrument objects from memory
deviceresetReset instrument
disconnectDisconnect device object from instrument
dispDisplay instrument object summary information
downloadDownloads arbitrary waveform to RF signal generator
driversList of available instrument drivers for Quick-Control interfaces
echotcpipStart or stop TCP/IP echo server
echoudpStart or stop UDP echo server
fcloseDisconnect interface object from instrument
fgenCreate Quick-Control Function Generator object
fgetlRead line of text from instrument and discard terminator
fgetsRead line of text from instrument and include terminator
flushinputRemove data from input buffer
flushoutputRemove data from output buffer
fopenConnect interface object to instrument
fprintfWrite text to instrument
freadRead binary data from instrument
fscanfRead data from instrument, and format as text
fwriteWrite binary data to instrument
getInstrument object properties
geterrorCheck and return error message from instrument
getWaveformReturns waveform displayed on scope
gpibCreate GPIB object
i2cCreate I2C object
icdeviceCreate device object
inspectOpen Property Inspector
instrcallbackDisplay event information when event occurs
instrfindRead instrument objects from memory to MATLAB workspace
instrfindallFind visible and hidden instrument objects
instrhelpHelp for instrument object type, function, or property
instrhwinfoInformation about available hardware
instridDefine and retrieve commands that identify instruments
instrnotifyDefine notification for instrument events
instrresetDisconnect and delete all instrument objects
invokeExecute driver-specific function on device object
isvalidDetermine whether instrument objects are valid
iviconfigurationstoreCreate IVI configuration store object
lengthLength of instrument object array
loadLoad instrument objects and variables into MATLAB workspace
makemidConvert driver to MATLAB instrument driver format
maskWritePerform mask write operation on a holding register
memmapMap memory for low-level memory read and write operations
mempeekLow-level memory read from VXI register
mempokeLow-level memory write to VXI register
memreadHigh-level memory read from VXI register
memunmapUnmap memory for low-level memory read and write operations
memwriteHigh-level memory write to VXI register
methodsClass method names and descriptions
mideditOpen graphical tool for creating and editing MATLAB instrument driver
midtestOpen graphical tool for testing MATLAB instrument driver
modbusCreate MODBUS object
obj2mfileConvert instrument object to MATLAB code
oscilloscopeCreate Quick-Control Oscilloscope object
propinfoInstrument object property information
queryWrite text to instrument, and read data from instrument
readRead binary data from SPI instrument
readRead data from a MODBUS server
readasyncRead data asynchronously from instrument
readWaveformReturns waveform displayed on scope
recordRecord data and event information to file
removeRemove entry from IVI configuration store object
resolvehostNetwork name or network address
resourcesList of available instrument resources for Quick-Control interfaces
rfsiggenCreate Quick-Control RF Signal Generator object
saveSave instrument objects and variables to MAT-file
scanstrRead data from instrument, format as text, and parse
selftestRun instrument self-test
serialCreate serial port object
seriallistList of serial ports connected to your system
setConfigure or display instrument object properties
sizeSize of instrument object array
spiCreate SPI object
spollPerform serial poll on GPIB objects
startEnables RF signal generator signal output and modulation output
stopasyncStop asynchronous read and write operations
tcpipCreate TCPIP object
tmtoolOpen Test & Measurement Tool
triggerSend trigger message to instrument
udpCreate UDP object
updateUpdate entry of IVI configuration store object
visaCreate VISA object
visa.spollPerform serial poll on VISA objects
writeWrite binary data to SPI instrument
writePerform a write operation to the connected MODBUS server
writeAndReadWrite and read binary data from SPI instrument
writeReadPerform a write then read operation on groups of holding registers in a single MODBUS transaction
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