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Create GPIB object


obj = gpib('vendor', boardindex, primaryaddress)
obj = gpib('vendor',boardindex,primaryaddress,'PropertyName', PropertyValue,...)



The vendor name.


The GPIB board index.


The instrument primary address.


A GPIB property name.


A property value supported by PropertyName.


The GPIB object.


obj = gpib('vendor', boardindex, primaryaddress) creates the GPIB object obj associated with the board specified by boardindex, and the instrument specified by primaryaddress. The GPIB hardware is supplied by vendor. Supported vendors are given below.




Advantech® Company hardware


Agilent Technologies® hardware


Capital Equipment Corporation hardware


CONTEC hardware


ICS Electronics™ hardware


IOTech hardware


Keithley® Instruments hardware


Measurement Computing™ Corporation hardware


National Instruments® hardware

obj = gpib('vendor',boardindex,primaryaddress,'PropertyName', PropertyValue,...) creates the GPIB object with the specified property names and property values. If an invalid property name or property value is specified, an error is returned and obj is not created.


This example creates the GPIB object g1 associated with a National Instruments board at index 0 with primary address 1, and then connects g1 to the instrument.

g1 = gpib('ni',0,1);

The Type, Name, BoardIndex, and PrimaryAddress properties are automatically configured.

get(g1, {'Type','Name','BoardIndex','PrimaryAddress'})
ans = 
    'gpib'    'GPIB0-1'    [0]    [1]

To specify the secondary address during object creation,

g2 = gpib('ni',0,1,'SecondaryAddress',96);

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At any time, you can use the instrhelp function to view a complete listing of properties and functions associated with GPIB objects.

instrhelp gpib

When you create a GPIB object, these property value are automatically configured:

  • Type is given by gpib.

  • Name is given by concatenating GPIB with the board index and the primary address specified in the gpib function. If the secondary address is specified, then this value is also used in Name.

  • BoardIndex and PrimaryAddress are given by the values supplied to the gpib function.

    Note   You do not use the GPIB board primary address in the GPIB object constructor syntax. You use the board index, and the instrument address.

You can specify the property names and property values using any format supported by the set function. For example, you can use property name/property value cell array pairs. Additionally, you can specify property names without regard to case, and you can make use of property name completion. For example, these commands are all valid:

g = gpib('ni',0,1,'SecondaryAddress',96);
g = gpib('ni',0,1,'secondaryaddress',96);
g = gpib('ni',0,1,'SECOND',96);

Before you can communicate with the instrument, it must be connected to obj with the fopen function. A connected GPIB object has a Status property value of open. An error is returned if you attempt to perform a read or write operation while obj is not connected to the instrument.

You cannot connect multiple GPIB objects to the same instrument. A GPIB instrument is uniquely identified by its board index, primary address, and secondary address.

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