Install the NI-845x I2C/SPI Interface Support Package

For the Instrument Control Toolbox™ I2C and SPI interfaces, you can use either a Total Phase Aardvark host adaptor or an NI-845x adaptor. To use the I2C or SPI interface with the NI-845x adaptor, you must download this Hardware Support Package to obtain the latest driver, if you do not already have the driver installed. If you already have the latest driver installed, you do not need to download this Support Package.

To use the NI-845x driver, download and install the following files on your host computer:

  • National Instruments® NI-845x adaptor driver file

  • Example that shows how to use the NI-854x adaptor with the I2C interface

    Note:   You can use this support package only on a host computer running a version of 64-bit Windows® that Instrument Control Toolbox supports.

Installing the Support Package

To install the Instrument Control Toolbox Support Package for NI-845x I2C/SPI Interface, in MATLAB® type:


to open the Support Package Installer.

You can also open the installer from MATLAB by selecting Home > Environment > Add-Ons > Get Hardware Support Packages.

On the Select support package to install screen, select NI-845x I2C/SPI Interface from the list.

For more information about installing support packages, see Supported Hardware.

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