Install the NI-DCPower Support Package

You can use Instrument Control Toolbox™ to communicate with NI-DCPower power supplies. You can control and take digital measurements from a power supply, such as the NI PXI 4011 triple-output programmable DC power supply.

To use this feature, download and install the following files on your host computer:

  • MATLAB Instrument Driver for NI-DCPower support

  • National Instruments® NI-DCPower driver file

  • Example that shows how to take digital measurements from an NI-DCPower power supply

    Note:   You can use this support package only on a host computer running a version of 64-bit Windows® that Instrument Control Toolbox supports.

Supported Compiler Requirement

Certain functionality in the NI-DCPower support package may require a supported compiler on your system. For the current list of supported compilers, see Supported and Compatible Compilers on the MathWorks® website.

Once you have installed a supported C compiler, set up your compiler by running mex -setup, as described in the documentation for mex in the MATLAB® Function Reference.

Installing the Support Package

To install the Instrument Control Toolbox Support Package for NI-DCPower Power Supplies, in MATLAB type:


to open the Support Package Installer.

You can also open the installer from MATLAB by selecting Home > Environment > Add-Ons > Get Hardware Support Packages.

On the Select support package to install screen, select NI-DCPower from the list.

For more information about installing support packages, see Supported Hardware.

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