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Information about available hardware


out = instrhwinfo
out = instrhwinfo('interface')
out = instrhwinfo('drivertype')
out = instrhwinfo('interface','adaptor')
out = instrhwinfo('drivertype','drivername')
out = instrhwinfo('ivi','LogicalName')
out = instrhwinfo('interface','adaptor','type')
out = instrhwinfo(obj)
out = instrhwinfo(obj,'FieldName')



A supported instrument interface.


Instrument driver type, may be matlab, ivi, or vxipnp.


A supported GPIB or VISA adaptor.


Name of ivi, VXIplug&play, or MATLAB® instrument driver.


IVI® logical name value.


Type of VISA interface.


An instrument object or array of instrument objects.


A field name or cell array of field names associated with obj.


A structure or array containing hardware information.


out = instrhwinfo returns hardware information to the structure out. This information includes the toolbox version, the MATLAB software version, and supported interfaces.

out = instrhwinfo('interface') returns information related to the interface specified by interface. interface can be serial, gpib, tcpip, udp, or visa. For the GPIB and VISA interfaces, the information includes the installed adaptors. For the serial port interface, the information includes the available ports and the object constructor name. For the TCP/IP and UDP interfaces, the information includes the local host address.

out = instrhwinfo('drivertype') returns a structure, out, which contains information related to the specified driver type, drivertype. drivertype can be matlab, vxipnp, or ivi. If drivertype is matlab, this information includes the MATLAB instrument drivers found on the MATLAB software path. If drivertype is vxipnp, this information includes the found VXIplug&play drivers. If drivertype is ivi, this information includes the available logical names and information on the IVI configuration store. You can use an IVI-C driver.

out = instrhwinfo('interface','adaptor') returns information related to the adaptor specified by adaptor, and for the interface specified by interface. interface can be gpib or visa. The returned information includes the adaptor version and available hardware. The GPIB adaptors are agilent, ics, mcc, adlink, and ni. The VISA adaptors are agilent, ni, and tek.

out = instrhwinfo('drivertype','drivername') returns a structure, out, which contains information related to the specified driver, drivername, for the specified drivertype. drivertype can be set to matlab, or vxipnp. The available drivername values are returned by out = instrhwinfo('drivertype') .

out = instrhwinfo('ivi','LogicalName') returns a structure, out, which contains information related to the specified logical name, LogicalName. The available logical name values are returned by instrhwinfo('ivi').

out = instrhwinfo('interface','adaptor','type') returns a structure, out, which contains information on the specified type, type. interface can only be visa. adaptor can be agilent, ni, ics, keysight, mcc, adlink, or tek. type can be gpib, vxi, gpib-vxi, serial, or rsib.

out = instrhwinfo(obj) returns information on the adaptor and vendor-supplied DLL associated with the VISA or GPIB object obj. If obj is a serial port, TCPIP, or UDP object, then JAR file information is returned. If obj is an array of instrument objects, then out is a 1-by-n cell array of structures where n is the length of obj.

out = instrhwinfo(obj,'FieldName') returns hardware information for the field name specified by FieldName. FieldName can be a single character vector or a cell array of character vectors. out is an m-by-n cell array where m is the length of obj and n is the length of FieldName. You can return the supported values for FieldName using the instrhwinfo(obj) syntax.


The following commands illustrate some of the ways you can get hardware-related information without creating an instrument object.

out1 = instrhwinfo;
out2 = instrhwinfo('serial');
out3 = instrhwinfo('gpib','ni');
out4 = instrhwinfo('visa','agilent');

The following commands illustrate some of the ways you can get hardware-related information for an existing instrument object.

vs = visa('agilent','ASRL1::INSTR');
out5 = instrhwinfo(vs)
out5 = 
           AdaptorDllName: [1x67 char]
        AdaptorDllVersion: 'Version 1.2 (R13)'
              AdaptorName: 'AGILENT'
  VendorDriverDescription: 'Agilent Technologies VISA Driver'
      VendorDriverVersion: '1.1000'

vsdll = instrhwinfo(vs,'AdaptorDllName')
vsdll = D:\V6\toolbox\instrument\instrumentadaptors\win32\ 


You can also display hardware information via the Workspace browser by right-clicking an instrument object, and selecting Display Hardware Info from the context menu.


To get a list of options you can use on a function, press the Tab key after entering a function on the MATLAB command line. The list expands, and you can scroll to choose a property or value. For information about using this advanced tab completion feature, see Using Tab Completion for Functions.

Introduced before R2006a

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