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Supported Hardware

The following table lists the hardware support for the Instrument Control Toolbox™. Notes follow the table.

Feature64-bit MATLAB on Windows64-bit MATLAB on Mac OS64-bit MATLAB on Linux
VISA 3supported 1supported on one vendor 1, 3supported 1
GPIB 4supported 1 supported 1
I2C 5supported 1supported 1supported 1
SPI 5supported 1supported 1supported 1
Bluetooth 6supportedsupported  
Quick-Control Oscilloscope and Quick-Control Function Generator supported 2supported 2supported 2
MATLAB Instrument Driverssupportedsupportedsupported
MATLAB Instrument Drivers made using IVI-C drivers and Instrument Wrappers for IVI-C driverssupported 1  

Table Notes

1. Dependent on support by third-party vendor driver for the hardware on this platform.

2. Dependent on third-party vendor support of platform when using an IVI-driver with Quick-Control Oscilloscope or Quick-Control Function Generator.

3. Requires Agilent®, National Instruments®, Tektronix®, or TAMS VISA compliant with VISA specification 5.0 or higher for any platform. Only National Instruments VISA is supported on macOS. The other vendors’ VISA support does not include macOS.

4. Requires Keysight™ (formerly Agilent), ICS Electronics™, Measurement Computing™ (MCC), ADLINK Technology, or National Instruments hardware and driver.

5. Requires Aardvark or National Instruments hardware and driver.

6. Bluetooth Serial Port Profile only.

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