Downlink Channels

Physical signals and channels for transmit and receive, transport, control information, OFDM modulation

  • Physical Signals
    Synchronization signals (PSS and SSS), downlink reference signals (CRS, UE-RS and DM-RS, CSI-RS, and PRS)
  • Physical Channels
    PBCH, PDSCH, PDCCH, PCFICH, PHICH and EPDCCH coding, modulation, indices, scrambling sequence
  • Transport Channels
    BCH coding, DL-SCH coding and information
  • Control Information
    DCI creation, manipulation, coding, and information; CFI coding; UL-PMI information and selection
  • OFDM Modulation
    Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing modulator, demodulator, dimension information
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