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LTE System Toolbox Functions

Alphabetical List By Category
addlteobsolete Add obsolete LTE Toolbox interface to search path
comm.ConstellationDiagram Display a constellation diagram for input signals
comm.ErrorRate Compute bit or symbol error rate of input data
comm.EVM Measure error vector magnitude
dsp.ArrayPlot Display vectors or arrays
dsp.SpectrumAnalyzer Display frequency spectrum of time-domain signals
dsp.TimeScope Time domain signal display
lteACKDecode HARQ-ACK channel decoding
lteACKEncode HARQ-ACK channel encoding
lteBCH Broadcast channel
lteBCHDecode Broadcast channel decoding
lteCellRS Cell-specific reference signal
lteCellRSIndices CRS resource element indices
lteCellSearch Cell identity search using PSS and SSS
lteCFI Control format indicator block encoding
lteCFIDecode Control format indicator block decoding
lteCodeBlockDesegment Code block desegmentation and CRC decoding
lteCodeBlockSegment Code block segmentation and CRC attachment
lteConvolutionalDecode Convolutional decoding
lteConvolutionalEncode Convolutional encoding
lteCQIDecode Channel quality information channel decoding
lteCQIEncode Channel quality information channel encoding
lteCQISelect PDSCH channel quality indication calculation
lteCRCDecode Cyclic redundancy check decoding and removal
lteCRCEncode Cyclic redundancy check calculation and appending
lteCSICodebook Codebook for channel state information reporting
lteCSIRS Channel state information reference signal
lteCSIRSIndices CSI-RS resource element indices
lteDCI Downlink control information format structures and bit payloads
lteDCIDecode Downlink control information decoding
lteDCIEncode Downlink control information encoding
lteDCIInfo Downlink control information message information
lteDCIResourceAllocation DCI message physical resource blocks allocation
lteDLChannelEstimate Downlink channel estimation
lteDLConformanceTestTool Opens the LTE Throughput Analyzer app for performing downlink PDSCH demodulation conformance tests
lteDLDeprecode Downlink deprecoding onto transmission layers
lteDLFrameOffset Downlink frame timing estimate
lteDLPerfectChannelEstimate Downlink perfect channel estimation
lteDLPrecode Downlink precoding of transmission layers
lteDLResourceGrid Downlink subframe resource array
lteDLResourceGridSize Size of downlink subframe resource array
lteDLSCH Downlink shared channel
lteDLSCHDecode Downlink shared channel decoding
lteDLSCHInfo DL-SCH segmentation information
lteDMRS UE-specific demodulation reference signals
lteDMRSIndices UE-specific DM-RS resource element indices
lteDuplexingInfo Duplexing information
lteEPDCCH Enhanced physical downlink control channel
lteEPDCCHDecode Enhanced physical downlink control channel (EPDCCH) decoding
lteEPDCCHDMRS EPDCCH demodulation reference signals
lteEPDCCHDMRSIndices EPDCCH DM-RS resource element indices
lteEPDCCHIndices Enhanced physical downlink control channel (EPDCCH) resource element indices
lteEPDCCHPRBS EPDCCH pseudorandom scrambling sequence
lteEPDCCHSearch Enhanced downlink control information serach
lteEPDCCHSpace EPDCCH search space candidates
lteEqualizeMIMO MMSE-based joint downlink equalization and combining
lteEqualizeMMSE MMSE equalization
lteEqualizeULMIMO MMSE-based joint uplink equalization and combining
lteEqualizeZF Zero-forcing equalization
lteEVM Error vector magnitude calculation
lteExtractResources Resource elements extraction
lteFadingChannel Multipath fading MIMO channel propagation conditions
lteFrequencyCorrect Frequency offset correction
lteFrequencyOffset Frequency offset estimation using cyclic prefix
lteHSTChannel High-speed train MIMO channel propagation conditions
lteLayerDemap Layer demapping onto scrambled and modulated codewords
lteLayerMap Layer mapping of modulated and scrambled codewords
lteMCS Modulation and code scheme lookup
lteMIB Master information block encoding and decoding
lteMovingChannel Moving channel propagation conditions
lteOFDMDemodulate OFDM demodulation
lteOFDMInfo OFDM modulation related information
lteOFDMModulate OFDM modulation
ltePBCH Physical broadcast channel
ltePBCHDecode Physical broadcast channel decoding
ltePBCHIndices PBCH resource element indices
ltePBCHPRBS PBCH pseudorandom scrambling sequence
ltePCFICH Physical control format indicator channel
ltePCFICHDecode Physical control format indicator channel decoding
ltePCFICHIndices PCFICH resource element indices
ltePCFICHInfo PCFICH resource information
ltePCFICHPRBS PCFICH pseudorandom scrambling sequence
ltePDCCH Physical downlink control channel
ltePDCCHDecode Physical downlink control channel decoding
ltePDCCHDeinterleave PDCCH deinterleaving and cyclic shifting
ltePDCCHIndices PDCCH resource element indices
ltePDCCHInfo PDCCH resource information
ltePDCCHInterleave PDCCH interleaving and cyclic shift
ltePDCCHPRBS PDCCH pseudorandom scrambling sequence
ltePDCCHSearch PDCCH downlink control information search
ltePDCCHSpace PDCCH search space candidates
ltePDSCH Physical downlink shared channel
ltePDSCHDecode Physical downlink shared channel decoding
ltePDSCHIndices Physical downlink shared channel (PDSCH) resource element indices
ltePDSCHPRBS PDSCH pseudorandom scrambling sequence
ltePHICH Physical hybrid ARQ indicator channel
ltePHICHDecode Physical hybrid ARQ indicator channel decoding
ltePHICHDeprecode PHICH deprecoding
ltePHICHIndices PHICH resource element indices
ltePHICHInfo PHICH resource information
ltePHICHPRBS PHICH pseudorandom scrambling sequence
ltePHICHPrecode PHICH precoding
ltePHICHTransmitDiversityDecode PHICH OSFBC decoding
ltePMIInfo Precoder matrix indication reporting information
ltePMISelect PDSCH precoder matrix indicator calculation
ltePRACH Physical random access channel
ltePRACHDetect Physical random access channel detection
ltePRACHInfo PRACH resource information
ltePRBS Pseudorandom binary sequence
ltePRS Positioning reference signal
ltePRSIndices PRS resource element indices
ltePSBCH Physical sidelink broadcast channel
ltePSBCHDecode PSBCH decoding
ltePSBCHDRS PSBCH demodulation reference signal
ltePSBCHDRSIndices PSBCH DM-RS resource element indices
ltePSBCHIndices PSBCH resource element indices
ltePSBCHPRBS PSBCH pseudorandom binary scrambling sequence
ltePSCCH Physical sidelink control channel
ltePSCCHDecode PSCCH decoding
ltePSCCHDRS PSCCH demodulation reference signal
ltePSCCHDRSIndices PSCCH DM-RS resource element indices
ltePSCCHIndices PSCCH resource element indices
ltePSCCHPRBS PSCCH pseudorandom binary scrambling sequence
ltePSS Primary synchronization signal
ltePSSCH Physical sidelink shared channel
ltePSSCHDecode PSSCH decoding
ltePSSCHDRS PSSCH demodulation reference signal
ltePSSCHDRSIndices PSSCH DM-RS resource element indices
ltePSSCHIndices PSSCH resource element indices
ltePSSCHPRBS PSSCH pseudorandom binary scrambling sequence
ltePSSIndices PSS resource element indices
ltePSSS Primary sidelink synchronization signal
ltePSSSIndices PSSS resource element indices
ltePUCCH1 Physical uplink control channel format 1
ltePUCCH1Decode Physical uplink control channel format 1 decoding
ltePUCCH1DRS PUCCH format 1 demodulation reference signal
ltePUCCH1DRSIndices PUCCH format 1 DRS resource element indices
ltePUCCH1Indices PUCCH format 1 resource element indices
ltePUCCH2 Physical uplink control channel format 2
ltePUCCH2Decode Physical uplink control channel format 2 decoding
ltePUCCH2DRS PUCCH format 2 demodulation reference signal
ltePUCCH2DRSDecode PUCCH format 2 DRS decoding
ltePUCCH2DRSIndices PUCCH format 2 DRS resource element indices
ltePUCCH2Indices PUCCH format 2 resource element indices
ltePUCCH2PRBS PUCCH format 2 pseudorandom scrambling sequence
ltePUCCH3 Physical uplink control channel format 3
ltePUCCH3Decode Physical uplink control channel format 3 decoding
ltePUCCH3DRS PUCCH format 3 demodulation reference signal
ltePUCCH3DRSIndices PUCCH format 3 DRS resource element indices
ltePUCCH3Indices PUCCH format 3 resource element indices
ltePUCCH3PRBS PUCCH format 3 pseudorandom scrambling sequence
ltePUSCH Physical uplink shared channel
ltePUSCHDecode Physical uplink shared channel decoding
ltePUSCHDeprecode PUSCH MIMO deprecoding onto transmission layers
ltePUSCHDRS PUSCH demodulation reference signal
ltePUSCHDRSIndices PUSCH DM-RS resource element indices
ltePUSCHIndices PUSCH resource element indices
ltePUSCHPrecode PUSCH MIMO precoding of transmission layers
lteRateMatchConvolutional Convolutional rate matching
lteRateMatchTurbo Turbo rate matching
lteRateRecoverConvolutional Convolutional rate matching recovery
lteRateRecoverTurbo Turbo rate recovery
lteResourceGrid Subframe resource array
lteResourceGridSize Size of subframe resource array
lteRIDecode Rank indication channel decoding
lteRIEncode Rank indication channel encoding
lteRISelect PDSCH rank indication calculation
lteRMCDL Downlink reference measurement channel configuration
lteRMCDLTool Downlink RMC waveform generation
lteRMCUL Uplink reference measurement channel or FRC configuration
lteRMCULTool Uplink RMC or FRC waveform generation
lteSCFDMADemodulate SC-FDMA demodulation
lteSCFDMAInfo SC-FDMA modulation information
lteSCFDMAModulate SC-FDMA modulation
lteSCI Sidelink control information format structure and bit payload
lteSCIDecode SCI decoding
lteSCIEncode SCI encoding
lteSCIInfo SCI message information
lteSCIResourceAllocation SCI message physical resource blocks allocation
lteSLBCH Sidelink broadcast channel
lteSLBCHDecode Sidelink broadcast channel decoding
lteSLChannelEstimatePSBCH PSBCH sidelink channel estimation
lteSLChannelEstimatePSCCH PSCCH sidelink channel estimation
lteSLChannelEstimatePSSCH PSSCH sidelink channel estimation
lteSLFrameOffsetPSBCH PSBCH DM-RS sidelink subframe timing estimate
lteSLFrameOffsetPSCCH PSCCH DM-RS sidelink subframe timing estimate
lteSLFrameOffsetPSSCH PSSCH DM-RS sidelink subframe timing estimate
lteSLMIB Sidelink master information block encoding and decoding
lteSLResourceGrid Sidelink subframe resource array
lteSLResourceGridSize Sidelink subframe resource array size
lteSLSCFDMADemodulate Sidelink SC-FDMA demodulation
lteSLSCFDMAInfo Sidelink SC-FDMA modulation information
lteSLSCFDMAModulate Sidelink SC-FDMA modulation
lteSLSCH Sidelink shared channel
lteSLSCHDecode Sidelink shared channel decoding
lteSRS Uplink sounding reference signal
lteSRSIndices Uplink SRS resource element indices
lteSRSInfo Uplink SRS information
lteSSS Secondary synchronization signal
lteSSSIndices SSS resource element indices
lteSSSS Secondary sidelink synchronization signal
lteSSSSIndices SSSS resource element indices
lteSymbolDemodulate Demodulation and symbol to bit conversion
lteSymbolModulate Symbol modulation
lteTBS Transport block size lookup
lteTestModel Downlink test model configuration structure
lteTestModelTool Downlink test model waveform generation
lteTransmitDiversityDecode Orthogonal space frequency block code decoding
lteTurboDecode Turbo decoding
lteTurboEncode Turbo encoding
lteUCI3Decode PUCCH format 3 transmission UCI decoding
lteUCI3Encode PUCCH format 3 transmission UCI encoding
lteUCIDecode PUCCH format 2, 2a, and 2b transmission UCI decoding
lteUCIEncode PUCCH format 2, 2a, and 2b transmission UCI encoding
lteULChannelEstimate PUSCH uplink channel estimation
lteULChannelEstimatePUCCH1 PUCCH format 1 uplink channel estimation
lteULChannelEstimatePUCCH2 PUCCH format 2 uplink channel estimation
lteULChannelEstimatePUCCH3 PUCCH format 3 uplink channel estimation
lteULDeprecode SC-FDMA deprecoding
lteULDescramble PUSCH descrambling
lteULFrameOffset PUSCH DM-RS uplink subframe timing estimate
lteULFrameOffsetPUCCH1 PUCCH format 1 DM-RS uplink subframe timing estimate
lteULFrameOffsetPUCCH2 PUCCH format 2 DM-RS uplink subframe timing estimate
lteULFrameOffsetPUCCH3 PUCCH format 3 DM-RS uplink subframe timing estimate
lteULPerfectChannelEstimate Uplink perfect channel estimation
lteULPMIInfo PUSCH precoder matrix indication reporting information
lteULPMISelect PUSCH precoder matrix indication calculation
lteULPrecode SC-FDMA precoding
lteULResourceGrid Uplink subframe resource array
lteULResourceGridSize Size of uplink subframe resource array
lteULSCH Uplink shared channel
lteULSCHDecode Uplink shared channel decoding
lteULSCHDeinterleave UL-SCH deinterleaving
lteULSCHInfo UL-SCH coding information
lteULSCHInterleave UL-SCH interleaving
lteULScramble PUSCH scrambling
lteWarning Enable and disable warnings for LTE System Toolbox
lteZadoffChuSeq Generate root Zadoff-Chu sequence of complex symbols
rmlteobsolete Remove obsolete LTE Toolbox interface from search path
umtsDownlinkReferenceChannels UMTS downlink measurement channel definition
umtsDownlinkWaveformGenerator UMTS downlink waveform generation
umtsUplinkReferenceChannels UMTS uplink measurement channel definition
umtsUplinkWaveformGenerator UMTS uplink waveform generation
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