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LTE System Toolbox Functions

Alphabetical List By Category
addlteobsoleteAdd obsolete LTE Toolbox interface to search path
comm.ConstellationDiagramDisplay a constellation diagram for input signals
comm.ErrorRateCompute bit or symbol error rate of input data
comm.EVMMeasure error vector magnitude
dsp.ArrayPlotDisplay vectors or arrays
dsp.SpectrumAnalyzerDisplay frequency spectrum of time-domain signals
dsp.TimeScopeTime domain signal display and measurement
lteACKDecodeHARQ-ACK channel decoding
lteACKEncodeHARQ-ACK channel encoding
lteBCHBroadcast channel
lteBCHDecodeBroadcast channel decoding
lteCellRSCell-specific reference signal
lteCellRSIndicesCRS resource element indices
lteCellSearchCell identity search using PSS and SSS
lteCFIControl format indicator block encoding
lteCFIDecodeControl format indicator block decoding
lteCodeBlockDesegmentCode block desegmentation and CRC decoding
lteCodeBlockSegmentCode block segmentation and CRC attachment
lteConvolutionalDecodeConvolutional decoding
lteConvolutionalEncodeConvolutional encoding
lteCQIDecodeChannel quality information channel decoding
lteCQIEncodeChannel quality information channel encoding
lteCQISelectPDSCH channel quality indication calculation
lteCRCDecodeCyclic redundancy check decoding and removal
lteCRCEncodeCyclic redundancy check calculation and appending
lteCSICodebookCodebook for channel state information reporting
lteCSIRSChannel state information reference signal
lteCSIRSIndicesCSI-RS resource element indices
lteDCIDownlink control information format structures and bit payloads
lteDCIDecodeDownlink control information decoding
lteDCIEncodeDownlink control information encoding
lteDCIInfoDownlink control information message information
lteDCIResourceAllocationDCI message physical resource blocks allocation
lteDLChannelEstimateDownlink channel estimation
lteDLConformanceTestToolOpens the LTE Throughput Analyzer app for performing downlink PDSCH demodulation conformance tests
lteDLDeprecodeDownlink deprecoding onto transmission layers
lteDLFrameOffsetDownlink frame timing estimate
lteDLPerfectChannelEstimateDownlink perfect channel estimation
lteDLPrecodeDownlink precoding of transmission layers
lteDLResourceGridDownlink subframe resource array
lteDLResourceGridSizeSize of downlink subframe resource array
lteDLSCHDownlink shared channel
lteDLSCHDecodeDownlink shared channel decoding
lteDLSCHInfoDL-SCH segmentation information
lteDMRSUE-specific demodulation reference signals
lteDMRSIndicesUE-specific DM-RS resource element indices
lteDuplexingInfoDuplexing information
lteEPDCCHEnhanced physical downlink control channel
lteEPDCCHDecodeEnhanced physical downlink control channel (EPDCCH) decoding
lteEPDCCHDMRSEPDCCH demodulation reference signals
lteEPDCCHDMRSIndicesEPDCCH DM-RS resource element indices
lteEPDCCHIndicesEnhanced physical downlink control channel (EPDCCH) resource element indices
lteEPDCCHPRBSEPDCCH pseudorandom scrambling sequence
lteEPDCCHSearchEnhanced downlink control information search
lteEPDCCHSpaceEPDCCH search space candidates
lteEqualizeMIMOMMSE-based joint downlink equalization and combining
lteEqualizeMMSEMMSE equalization
lteEqualizeULMIMOMMSE-based joint uplink equalization and combining
lteEqualizeZFZero-forcing equalization
lteEVMError vector magnitude calculation
lteExtractResourcesResource elements extraction
lteFadingChannelMultipath fading MIMO channel propagation conditions
lteFrequencyCorrectFrequency offset correction
lteFrequencyOffsetFrequency offset estimation using cyclic prefix
lteHSTChannelHigh-speed train MIMO channel propagation conditions
lteLayerDemapLayer demapping onto scrambled and modulated codewords
lteLayerMapLayer mapping of modulated and scrambled codewords
lteMCSModulation and code scheme lookup
lteMIBMaster information block encoding and decoding
lteMovingChannelMoving channel propagation conditions
lteOFDMDemodulateOFDM demodulation
lteOFDMInfoOFDM modulation related information
lteOFDMModulateOFDM modulation
ltePBCHPhysical broadcast channel
ltePBCHDecodePhysical broadcast channel decoding
ltePBCHIndicesPBCH resource element indices
ltePBCHPRBSPBCH pseudorandom scrambling sequence
ltePCFICHPhysical control format indicator channel
ltePCFICHDecodePhysical control format indicator channel decoding
ltePCFICHIndicesPCFICH resource element indices
ltePCFICHInfoPCFICH resource information
ltePCFICHPRBSPCFICH pseudorandom scrambling sequence
ltePDCCHPhysical downlink control channel
ltePDCCHDecodePhysical downlink control channel decoding
ltePDCCHDeinterleavePDCCH deinterleaving and cyclic shifting
ltePDCCHIndicesPDCCH resource element indices
ltePDCCHInfoPDCCH resource information
ltePDCCHInterleavePDCCH interleaving and cyclic shift
ltePDCCHPRBSPDCCH pseudorandom scrambling sequence
ltePDCCHSearchPDCCH downlink control information search
ltePDCCHSpacePDCCH search space candidates
ltePDSCHPhysical downlink shared channel
ltePDSCHDecodePhysical downlink shared channel decoding
ltePDSCHIndicesPhysical downlink shared channel (PDSCH) resource element indices
ltePDSCHPRBSPDSCH pseudorandom scrambling sequence
ltePHICHPhysical hybrid ARQ indicator channel
ltePHICHDecodePhysical hybrid ARQ indicator channel decoding
ltePHICHDeprecodePHICH deprecoding
ltePHICHIndicesPHICH resource element indices
ltePHICHInfoPHICH resource information
ltePHICHPRBSPHICH pseudorandom scrambling sequence
ltePHICHPrecodePHICH precoding
ltePHICHTransmitDiversityDecodePHICH OSFBC decoding
ltePMIInfoPrecoder matrix indication reporting information
ltePMISelectPDSCH precoder matrix indicator calculation
ltePRACHPhysical random access channel
ltePRACHDetectPhysical random access channel detection
ltePRACHInfoPRACH resource information
ltePRBSPseudorandom binary sequence
ltePRSPositioning reference signal
ltePRSIndicesPRS resource element indices
ltePSBCHPhysical sidelink broadcast channel
ltePSBCHDecodePSBCH decoding
ltePSBCHDRSPSBCH demodulation reference signal
ltePSBCHDRSIndicesPSBCH DM-RS resource element indices
ltePSBCHIndicesPSBCH resource element indices
ltePSBCHPRBSPSBCH pseudorandom binary scrambling sequence
ltePSCCHPhysical sidelink control channel
ltePSCCHDecodePSCCH decoding
ltePSCCHDRSPSCCH demodulation reference signal
ltePSCCHDRSIndicesPSCCH DM-RS resource element indices
ltePSCCHIndicesPSCCH resource element indices
ltePSCCHPRBSPSCCH pseudorandom binary scrambling sequence
ltePSSPrimary synchronization signal
ltePSSCHPhysical sidelink shared channel
ltePSSCHDecodePSSCH decoding
ltePSSCHDRSPSSCH demodulation reference signal
ltePSSCHDRSIndicesPSSCH DM-RS resource element indices
ltePSSCHIndicesPSSCH resource element indices
ltePSSCHPRBSPSSCH pseudorandom binary scrambling sequence
ltePSSIndicesPSS resource element indices
ltePSSSPrimary sidelink synchronization signal
ltePSSSIndicesPSSS resource element indices
ltePUCCH1Physical uplink control channel format 1
ltePUCCH1DecodePhysical uplink control channel format 1 decoding
ltePUCCH1DRSPUCCH format 1 demodulation reference signal
ltePUCCH1DRSIndicesPUCCH format 1 DRS resource element indices
ltePUCCH1IndicesPUCCH format 1 resource element indices
ltePUCCH2Physical uplink control channel format 2
ltePUCCH2DecodePhysical uplink control channel format 2 decoding
ltePUCCH2DRSPUCCH format 2 demodulation reference signal
ltePUCCH2DRSDecodePUCCH format 2 DRS decoding
ltePUCCH2DRSIndicesPUCCH format 2 DRS resource element indices
ltePUCCH2IndicesPUCCH format 2 resource element indices
ltePUCCH2PRBSPUCCH format 2 pseudorandom scrambling sequence
ltePUCCH3Physical uplink control channel format 3
ltePUCCH3DecodePhysical uplink control channel format 3 decoding
ltePUCCH3DRSPUCCH format 3 demodulation reference signal
ltePUCCH3DRSIndicesPUCCH format 3 DRS resource element indices
ltePUCCH3IndicesPUCCH format 3 resource element indices
ltePUCCH3PRBSPUCCH format 3 pseudorandom scrambling sequence
ltePUSCHPhysical uplink shared channel
ltePUSCHDecodePhysical uplink shared channel decoding
ltePUSCHDeprecodePUSCH MIMO deprecoding onto transmission layers
ltePUSCHDRSPUSCH demodulation reference signal
ltePUSCHDRSIndicesPUSCH DM-RS resource element indices
ltePUSCHIndicesPUSCH resource element indices
ltePUSCHPrecodePUSCH MIMO precoding of transmission layers
lteRateMatchConvolutionalConvolutional rate matching
lteRateMatchTurboTurbo rate matching
lteRateRecoverConvolutionalConvolutional rate matching recovery
lteRateRecoverTurboTurbo rate recovery
lteResourceGridSubframe resource array
lteResourceGridSizeSize of subframe resource array
lteRIDecodeRank indication channel decoding
lteRIEncodeRank indication channel encoding
lteRISelectPDSCH rank indication calculation
lteRMCDLDownlink reference measurement channel configuration
lteRMCDLToolDownlink RMC waveform generation
lteRMCULUplink reference measurement channel or FRC configuration
lteRMCULToolUplink RMC or FRC waveform generation
lteSCFDMADemodulateSC-FDMA demodulation
lteSCFDMAInfoSC-FDMA modulation information
lteSCFDMAModulateSC-FDMA modulation
lteSCISidelink control information format structure and bit payload
lteSCIDecodeSCI decoding
lteSCIEncodeSCI encoding
lteSCIInfoSCI message information
lteSCIResourceAllocationSCI message physical resource blocks allocation
lteSLBCHSidelink broadcast channel
lteSLBCHDecodeSidelink broadcast channel decoding
lteSLChannelEstimatePSBCHPSBCH sidelink channel estimation
lteSLChannelEstimatePSCCHPSCCH sidelink channel estimation
lteSLChannelEstimatePSSCHPSSCH sidelink channel estimation
lteSLFrameOffsetPSBCHPSBCH DM-RS sidelink subframe timing estimate
lteSLFrameOffsetPSCCHPSCCH DM-RS sidelink subframe timing estimate
lteSLFrameOffsetPSSCHPSSCH DM-RS sidelink subframe timing estimate
lteSLMIBSidelink master information block encoding and decoding
lteSLResourceGridSidelink subframe resource array
lteSLResourceGridSizeSidelink subframe resource array size
lteSLSCFDMADemodulateSidelink SC-FDMA demodulation
lteSLSCFDMAInfoSidelink SC-FDMA modulation information
lteSLSCFDMAModulateSidelink SC-FDMA modulation
lteSLSCHSidelink shared channel
lteSLSCHDecodeSidelink shared channel decoding
lteSRSUplink sounding reference signal
lteSRSIndicesUplink SRS resource element indices
lteSRSInfoUplink SRS information
lteSSSSecondary synchronization signal
lteSSSIndicesSSS resource element indices
lteSSSSSecondary sidelink synchronization signal
lteSSSSIndicesSSSS resource element indices
lteSymbolDemodulateDemodulation and symbol to bit conversion
lteSymbolModulateSymbol modulation
lteTBSTransport block size lookup
lteTestModelDownlink test model configuration structure
lteTestModelToolDownlink test model waveform generation
lteTransmitDiversityDecodeOrthogonal space frequency block code decoding
lteTurboDecodeTurbo decoding
lteTurboEncodeTurbo encoding
lteUCI3DecodePUCCH format 3 transmission UCI decoding
lteUCI3EncodePUCCH format 3 transmission UCI encoding
lteUCIDecodePUCCH format 2, 2a, and 2b transmission UCI decoding
lteUCIEncodePUCCH format 2, 2a, and 2b transmission UCI encoding
lteULChannelEstimatePUSCH uplink channel estimation
lteULChannelEstimatePUCCH1PUCCH format 1 uplink channel estimation
lteULChannelEstimatePUCCH2PUCCH format 2 uplink channel estimation
lteULChannelEstimatePUCCH3PUCCH format 3 uplink channel estimation
lteULDeprecodeSC-FDMA deprecoding
lteULDescramblePUSCH descrambling
lteULFrameOffsetPUSCH DM-RS uplink subframe timing estimate
lteULFrameOffsetPUCCH1PUCCH format 1 DM-RS uplink subframe timing estimate
lteULFrameOffsetPUCCH2PUCCH format 2 DM-RS uplink subframe timing estimate
lteULFrameOffsetPUCCH3PUCCH format 3 DM-RS uplink subframe timing estimate
lteULPerfectChannelEstimateUplink perfect channel estimation
lteULPMIInfoPUSCH precoder matrix indication reporting information
lteULPMISelectPUSCH precoder matrix indication calculation
lteULPrecodeSC-FDMA precoding
lteULResourceGridUplink subframe resource array
lteULResourceGridSizeSize of uplink subframe resource array
lteULSCHUplink shared channel
lteULSCHDecodeUplink shared channel decoding
lteULSCHDeinterleaveUL-SCH deinterleaving
lteULSCHInfoUL-SCH coding information
lteULSCHInterleaveUL-SCH interleaving
lteULScramblePUSCH scrambling
lteWarningEnable and disable warnings for LTE System Toolbox
lteZadoffChuSeqGenerate root Zadoff-Chu sequence of complex symbols
rmlteobsoleteRemove obsolete LTE Toolbox interface from search path
umtsDownlinkReferenceChannelsUMTS downlink measurement channel definition
umtsDownlinkWaveformGeneratorUMTS downlink waveform generation
umtsUplinkReferenceChannels UMTS uplink measurement channel definition
umtsUplinkWaveformGeneratorUMTS uplink waveform generation
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