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LTE Modeling Basics

Resource grids, resource extraction, FDD and TDD duplexing modes, parameter structures

LTE System Toolbox™ functions create valid 3GPP parameter sets and model LTE physical layer processing. The parameter configuration functions create and initialize parameter structures that align with specified 3GPP reference measurement channel (RMC), fixed reference channel (FRC), or E-UTRA test model (E-TM) settings. Use the parameter structures as inputs to waveform generation functions to create waveforms compliant with 3GPP LTE and UMTS standards.


lteResourceGrid Subframe resource array
lteResourceGridSize Size of subframe resource array
lteDLResourceGrid Downlink subframe resource array
lteDLResourceGridSize Size of downlink subframe resource array
lteULResourceGrid Uplink subframe resource array
lteULResourceGridSize Size of uplink subframe resource array
lteSLResourceGrid Sidelink subframe resource array
lteSLResourceGridSize Sidelink subframe resource array size
lteDuplexingInfo Duplexing information
lteExtractResources Resource elements extraction


Reference Guides

Downlink Physical Signals Grid

Grid view of the downlink physical signals and associated LTE System Toolbox functions.

Downlink Physical Channels Grid

Grid view of the downlink physical channels and associated functions in the LTE System Toolbox.

Uplink Physical Channels and Signals Grid

Grid view of the uplink physical channels and physical signals and associated functions in the LTE System Toolbox.

Resource Grids

Create an Empty Resource Grid

This example shows how to create an empty resource grid of the right dimensions for the cell-wide settings specified in structure enb.

Map Reference Signal to Resource Grid

This example shows how to map the cell specific reference signals to the resource grid for a subframe in the two antenna case.

Resource Grid Indexing

The LTE System Toolbox provides facilities to generate sequences of symbols corresponding to the physical channels and signals.


FDD and TDD Duplexing

Describes frequency and time division duplexing (LTE frame structure type 1 and 2) and representation in the LTE System Toolbox product.

Parameter Structures


Describes the function parameter style, the way parameters are passed to the toolbox functions. Some of the functions in the LTE System Toolbox require large number of parameters. To simplify this process and to group together relevant parameters, structures are used.

LTE Parameterization for Waveform Generation and Simulation

This example shows the steps involved and the different ways to parameterize end-to-end simulations and static waveform generation using LTE System Toolbox™.

UL-SCH Parameterization

Describes parameterization forms for the UL-SCH and PUSCH related functions.

Parameter Field Names

An alphabetical list of all field names used within the LTE System Toolbox functions, their descriptions, their valid values, default values, and in which functions they are used is shown in the following table.

Featured Examples

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