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Physical Channel and Signal Subcomponents

Scrambling, symbol modulation, layer mapping, precoding, resource mapping

Use low-level physical channel and signal subcomponent processing functions to:

  • Perform uplink scrambling and descrambling.

  • Generate pseudorandom binary sequences.

  • Perform symbol modulation and demodulation.

  • Perform precoding and deprecoding.

  • Perform transmit diversity decoding.

  • Generate root Zadoff-Chu complex number sequences.


lteULScramblePUSCH scrambling
lteULDescramblePUSCH descrambling
ltePRBSPseudorandom binary sequence
lteSymbolModulateSymbol modulation
lteSymbolDemodulateDemodulation and symbol to bit conversion
lteLayerMapLayer mapping of modulated and scrambled codewords
lteLayerDemapLayer demapping onto scrambled and modulated codewords
lteDLDeprecodeDownlink deprecoding onto transmission layers
lteDLPrecodeDownlink precoding of transmission layers
lteULDeprecodeSC-FDMA deprecoding
lteULPrecodeSC-FDMA precoding
lteTransmitDiversityDecodeOrthogonal space frequency block code decoding
lteZadoffChuSeqGenerate root Zadoff-Chu sequence of complex symbols


Map Reference Signal to Resource Grid

This example shows how to map the cell specific reference signals to the resource grid for a subframe in the two antenna case.

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