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Physical Signals

Demodulation reference signals for PUSCH and PUCCH formats 1, 2, and 3; sounding reference signals

Base stations use demodulation and sounding reference signals to aid channel estimation and to support measurements.


ltePUSCHDRSPUSCH demodulation reference signal
ltePUSCHDRSIndicesPUSCH DM-RS resource element indices
lteULFrameOffsetPUSCH DM-RS uplink subframe timing estimate
ltePUCCH1DRSPUCCH format 1 demodulation reference signal
ltePUCCH1DRSIndicesPUCCH format 1 DRS resource element indices
ltePUCCH2DRSPUCCH format 2 demodulation reference signal
ltePUCCH2DRSIndicesPUCCH format 2 DRS resource element indices
ltePUCCH3DRSPUCCH format 3 demodulation reference signal
ltePUCCH3DRSIndicesPUCCH format 3 DRS resource element indices
lteSRSUplink sounding reference signal
lteSRSInfoUplink SRS information
lteSRSIndicesUplink SRS resource element indices


Sounding Reference Signal (SRS)

Describes the sounding reference signal (SRS) and related functions in the LTE System Toolbox™ product.

Uplink Waveform Modeling Using SRS and PUCCH

This example demonstrates how to configure User Equipment (UE) and cell-specific Sounding Reference Signals (SRS) transmission.

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