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PHICH pseudorandom scrambling sequence


seq = ltePHICHPRBS(enb,n)
seq = ltePHICHPRBS(enb,n,mapping)



seq = ltePHICHPRBS(enb,n) returns a column vector containing the first n outputs of the Physical Hybrid ARQ Indicator Channel (PHICH) scrambling sequence when initialized according to cell-wide settings structure, enb.

seq = ltePHICHPRBS(enb,n,mapping) allows control over the format of the returned sequence, seq, with the input mapping.


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Create a cell-wide configuration structure initialing for RMC R.0. Generate the pseudorandom scrambling sequence for the PHICH.

enb = lteRMCDL('R.0');
phichInfo = ltePHICHInfo(enb);
phichPrbsSeq = ltePHICHPRBS(enb,phichInfo.NRE);
numRE = phichInfo.NRE
numRE =



ans =

    12     1

Using RMC R.0 results in 12 BPSK modulated symbols, where one bit per symbol is mapped onto a single resource element (RE).

Input Arguments

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Cell-wide settings, specified as a scalar structure. enb contains the following fields.

Physical layer cell identity, specified as a nonnegative integer.

Data Types: double

Subframe number, specified as a nonnegative integer.

Data Types: double

Data Types: struct

Length of PHICH scrambling sequence, specified as a positive scalar integer of 1 or more.

Data Types: double

Output sequence formatting, specified as 'binary' or 'signed'. mapping controls the format of the returned sequence, seq.

  • 'binary' maps true to 1 and false to 0.

  • 'signed' maps true to –1 and false to 1.

Data Types: char

Output Arguments

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PHICH pseudorandom scrambling sequence, returned as a logical column vector or a numeric column vector. This argument contains the first n outputs of the PHICH scrambling sequence. If mapping is set to 'signed', seq is a vector of data type double. Otherwise, it is a vector of data type logical.

Data Types: logical | double

Introduced in R2014a

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