SC-FDMA deprecoding


  • out = lteULDeprecode(in,nrb)



out = lteULDeprecode(in,nrb) performs SC-FDMA deprecoding of the complex modulation symbols in for PUSCH configuration with a bandwidth of nrb resource blocks. in is a Msymb-by-NLayers matrix of values and out has the same dimensions.


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Deprecode PUSCH Symbols

Perform the deprecoding of precoded PUSCH symbols, precodedSym, providing the number of uplink resource blocks (RBs), ue.NULRB.

ue = lteRMCUL('A3-2');
ueDim = lteULResourceGridSize(ue);
mSymb = ue.NULRB*ueDim(1)*ueDim(2);
realIn = randi([0,1],mSymb,ue.PUSCH.NLayers);
imagIn = randi([0,1],mSymb,ue.PUSCH.NLayers);
precodedSym = lteULPrecode(complex(realIn,imagIn),ue.NULRB);
dePrecodedSym = lteULDeprecode(precodedSym,ue.NULRB);

Input Arguments

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in — Complex modulation symbolsnumeric matrix

Complex modulation symbols, specified as a numeric matrix of size Msymb-by-NLayers.

Data Types: double | single
Complex Number Support: Yes

nrb — Number of resource blocksscalar integer

Number of resource blocks, specified as a scalar integer.

Data Types: double

Output Arguments

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out — Deprecoded PUSCH output symbolsnumeric matrix

Deprecoded PUSCH output symbols, returned as a numeric matrix of size Msymb-by-NLayers.

Data Types: double
Complex Number Support: Yes

Introduced in R2014a

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