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Test and Measurement

Describes waveform generation, visualization, and transmitter performance analysis using LTE System Toolbox™

LTE System Toolbox provides functions that let you measure transmitter performance characteristics. The examples featured here demonstrate transmitter modeling and performance analysis. Communications System Toolbox™ and DSP System Toolbox™ System objects provide additional quantitative tools for measuring system performance, and graphical utilities for visualizing waveforms.


lteRMCDL Downlink reference measurement channel configuration
lteRMCUL Uplink reference measurement channel or FRC configuration
lteTestModel Downlink test model configuration structure
lteRMCDLTool Downlink RMC waveform generation
lteRMCULTool Uplink RMC or FRC waveform generation
lteTestModelTool Downlink test model waveform generation
lteEVM Error vector magnitude calculation


LTE Downlink RMC Generator Generate LTE downlink reference measurement channel (RMC) waveforms
LTE Uplink RMC Generator Generate LTE uplink reference measurement channel (RMC) waveforms
LTE Test Model Generator Generate LTE downlink test model (E-TM) waveforms
LTE Throughput Analyzer Generate throughput curves for physical downlink shared channel (PDSCH) conformance test analysis

System Objects

comm.ConstellationDiagram Display a constellation diagram for input signals
dsp.SpectrumAnalyzer Display frequency spectrum of time-domain signals
dsp.TimeScope Time domain signal display
dsp.ArrayPlot Display vectors or arrays
comm.ErrorRate Compute bit or symbol error rate of input data
comm.EVM Measure error vector magnitude


Generate a Test Model

The LTE specifications define conformance test models for transmitter tests.

Featured Examples

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