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Transport Channel Subcomponents

CRC, code block segmentation, convolutional and turbo coding, rate matching and recovery, TBS lookup, MIB coding, MCS lookup

Use low-level transport channel subcomponent processing functions to:

  • Perform CRC encoding and decoding.

  • Perform code block desegmentation and segmentation.

  • Perform convolutional and turbo encoding, decoding, rate matching, and rate matching recovery.

  • Extract TBS, MIB, and MCS configuration information.


lteCRCEncodeCyclic redundancy check calculation and appending
lteCRCDecodeCyclic redundancy check decoding and removal
lteCodeBlockDesegmentCode block desegmentation and CRC decoding
lteCodeBlockSegmentCode block segmentation and CRC attachment
lteConvolutionalEncodeConvolutional encoding
lteConvolutionalDecodeConvolutional decoding
lteTurboEncodeTurbo encoding
lteTurboDecodeTurbo decoding
lteRateMatchConvolutionalConvolutional rate matching
lteRateRecoverConvolutionalConvolutional rate matching recovery
lteRateMatchTurboTurbo rate matching
lteRateRecoverTurboTurbo rate recovery
lteTBSTransport block size lookup
lteMIBMaster information block encoding and decoding
lteMCSModulation and code scheme lookup
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