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Uplink Channels

Uplink physical signals, physical channels, transport channels, control information, and SC-FDMA modulation

Use LTE System Toolbox™ mid-level uplink channel processing functions to:

  • Create physical signals and physical channels for transmission and reception.

  • Create, encode, and decode transport channels.

  • Create, manipulate, encode, and decode control information messages.

  • Perform SC-FDMA modulation and demodulation.

For function mapping within uplink grid, see Uplink Physical Channels and Signals Grid.

  • Physical Signals
    Demodulation reference signals for PUSCH and PUCCH formats 1, 2, and 3; sounding reference signals
  • Physical Channels
    PUSCH and PUCCH formats 1, 2, and 3 modulation, coding, and indices; PRACH generation, detection
  • Transport Channels
    UL-SCH coding, interleaving, information
  • Control Information
    UCI, CQI, and RI coding; PMI information and selection; RI and CQI selection; codebook for CSI reporting
  • SC-FDMA Modulation
    Single-carrier frequency division multiple access modulator, demodulator, dimension information

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