Great Circles, Geodesics, and Rhumb Lines

Find the shortest path between two points; find the curve that crosses each meridian at the same angle


azimuth Azimuth between points on sphere or ellipsoid
departure Departure of longitudes at specified latitudes
distance Distance between points on sphere or ellipsoid
gc2sc Center and radius of great circle
gcxgc Intersection points for pairs of great circles
gcxsc Intersection points for great and small circle pairs
meridianarc Ellipsoidal distance along meridian
meridianfwd Reckon position along meridian
reckon Point at specified azimuth, range on sphere or ellipsoid
rhxrh Intersection points for pairs of rhumb lines
track1 Geographic tracks from starting point, azimuth, and range
track2 Geographic tracks from starting and ending points
trackg Great circle or rhumb line defined via mouse input
trackui GUI to display great circles and rhumb lines on map axes
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