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Map Axes

Define map axes; set map axes properties


axesmDefine map axes and set map properties
axesmuiDefine map axes and modify map projection and display properties
clmaClear current map axes
gcmCurrent map projection structure
getmMap object properties
handlemHandles of displayed map objects
handlem-uiGUI for selecting mapped objects
ismapTrue for axes with map projection
setmSet properties of map axes and graphics objects
showaxesToggle display of map coordinate axes
tightmapRemove white space around map
usamapConstruct map axes for United States of America
worldmapConstruct map axes for given region of world
namemNames of graphics objects
tagmSet Tag property of map graphics object

Examples and How To

Accessing and Manipulating Map Axes Properties

Map axes properties are accessed and manipulated using the setm and getm functions.

Understanding the Map Limit Properties

Specify your map projection origin or frame limits using the MapLatLimit and MapLonLimit map limit properties.

Switching Between Projections

Once a map axes object has been created with axesm, whether map data is displayed or not, it is possible to change the current projection as well as many of its parameters.

Create Simple Maps Using worldmap

This example shows how to create simple maps using the worldmap function.

Create Simple Maps Using usamap

This example shows how to create maps of the United States using the usamap function.

Auto-Reprojection of Mapped Objects and Its Limitations

Using the setm function, you can change the current map projection on the fly if the map display was created in a way that permits reprojection.

Change Map Projections when Using geoshow

You can display latitude-longitude vector and raster geodata using the geoshow function (use mapshow to display preprojected coordinates and grids).

Use Geographic and Nongeographic Objects in Map Axes

This example shows how to use geographic and nongeographic objects in a map axes.

Set Background Colors for Map Displays

If you prefer that your maps have white backgrounds instead, you can create figures with the command


What Is a Map Axes?

When you create a map, you can use one of the Mapping Toolbox™ built-in user interfaces (UIs), or you can build the graphic with MATLAB® and Mapping Toolbox functions.

Using axesm

The figure window created using axesm contains the same set of tools and menus as any MATLAB figure, and is by default blank, even if there is map data in your workspace.

Introduction to Mapping Graphics

Understanding Mapping Toolbox functions as extensions of MATLAB graphics

What Is the Globe Display?

The Globe display is a three-dimensional view of geospatial data capable of mapping terrain relief or other data for an entire planet viewed from space.

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