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Interaction with Maps

View and interact with map axes and data


clrmenuAdd colormap menu to figure window
gcpmapCurrent mouse point from map axes
gtextmPlace text on map using mouse
inputmLatitudes and longitudes of mouse-click locations
maptoolAdd menu-activated tools to map figure
maptrimInteractively trim and convert map data from vector to raster format
mapviewInteractive map viewer
originuiInteractively modify map origin
paralleluiInteractively modify map parallels


Map ViewerView and explore data in map coordinates


Picking Locations Interactively

You can use Mapping Toolbox™ functions and GUIs to interact with maps, both in mapview and in figures created with axesm.

Tour Boston with the Map Viewer App

The Map Viewer app is an interactive tool for browsing map data.

Working with Objects by Name

You can manipulate displayed map objects by name.

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