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Pseudocylindrical Projections

Cylindrical projections that are barrel shaped rather than rectangular


apianus Apianus II Projection
collig Collignon Projection
craster Craster Parabolic Projection
eckert1 Eckert I Projection
eckert2 Eckert ll Projection
eckert3 Eckert lll Projection
eckert4 Eckert IV Projection
eckert5 Eckert V Projection
eckert6 Eckert VI Projection
flatplrp McBryde-Thomas Flat-Polar Parabolic Projection
flatplrq McBryde-Thomas Flat-Polar Quartic Projection
flatplrs McBryde-Thomas Flat-Polar Sinusoidal Projection
fournier Fournier Projection
goode Goode Homolosine Projection
hatano Hatano Asymmetrical Equal-Area Projection
kavrsky5 Kavraisky V Projection
kavrsky6 Kavraisky VI Projection
loximuth Loximuthal Projection
modsine Tissot Modified Sinusoidal Projection
mollweid Mollweide Projection
putnins5 Putnins P5 Projection
quartic Quartic Authalic Projection
robinson Robinson Projection
sinusoid Sinusoidal projection
wagner4 Wagner IV Projection
winkel Winkel I Projection
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