Raster Data and Representations

Georeference,analyze and transform gridded data


map.rasterref.GeographicRasterReference Reference raster to geographic coordinates
map.rasterref.MapRasterReference Reference raster to map coordinates


geoloc2grid Convert geolocated data array to regular data grid
imbedm Encode data points into regular data grid
ltln2val Extract data grid values for specified locations
mapoutline Compute outline of georeferenced image or data grid
resizem Resize regular data grid
limitm Determine latitude and longitude limits of regular data grid
georasterref Construct geographic raster reference object
makerefmat Construct affine spatial-referencing matrix
maprasterref Construct map raster reference object
refmatToGeoRasterReference Referencing matrix to geographic raster reference object
refmatToMapRasterReference Referencing matrix to map raster reference object
refmatToWorldFileMatrix Convert referencing matrix to world file matrix
refvecToGeoRasterReference Referencing vector to geographic raster reference object
worldFileMatrixToRefmat Convert world file matrix to referencing matrix
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