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Project filled 2-D contour plot of map data


The contourfm function is the same as the contourm function except that the areas between contours are filled with colors. For each contour interval, contourfm selects a distinct color from the figure's colormap. You can obtain the same result by setting 'Fill','on' and 'LineColor','black' when calling contourm.


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This example shows how to plot the Earth's geoid with filled contours, measure in meters.

axesm eckert4; framem; gridm; axis off; tightmap

load geoid
contourfm(geoid, geoidrefvec, -120:20:100, 'LineStyle', 'none');

load coastlines
geoshow(coastlat, coastlon, 'Color', 'black')


Introduced before R2006a

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