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Read DCW worldwide basemap file headers

dcwrhead will be removed in a future release. The VMAP0 dataset has replaced DCW and the header data can be read using vmap0rhead.


hdr = dcwrhead(...)


dcwrhead allows the user to select the header file interactively.

dcwrhead(filepath,filename) reads from the specified file. The combination [filepath filename] must form a valid complete filename.

dcwrhead(filepath,filename,fid) reads from the already open file associated with fid.

dcwrhead(...) with no output arguments displays the formatted header information on the screen.

hdr = dcwrhead(...) returns the DCW header as a character vector.


The Digital Chart of the World (DCW) uses headers in most files to document the contents and format of that file. This function reads the header, displays a formatted version in the command window, or returns it as a character vector.


The following example uses the Macintosh file separators and pathname:

Aeronautical Points
ID=I,		 1,P,Row Identifier,-,-,
AEPTTYPE=I,	 1,N,Airport Type,INT.VDT,-,
AEPTNAME=T,	50,N,Airport Name,-,-,
AEPTVAL=I,	 1,N,Airport Elevation Value,-,-,
AEPTDATE=D,	 1,N,Aeronautical Information Date,-,-,
AEPTICAO=T,	 4,N,International Civil Organization Number,-,-,
AEPTDKEY=T,	 7,N,DAFIF Reference Number,-,-,
TILE_ID=S,	 1,F,Tile Reference Identifier,-,AEPOINT.PTI,
END_ID=I	 1,F,Entity Node Primitive Foreign Key,-,-,

s =
;Aeronautical Points;AEPOINT.DOC;ID=I,		 1,P,Row 
Identifier,-,-,:AEPTTYPE=I,	 1,N,Airport 
Type,INT.VDT,-,:AEPTNAME=T,	50,N,Airport Name,-,-,:AEPTVAL=I,	 
1,N,Airport Elevation Value,-,-,:AEPTDATE=D,	 1,N,Aeronautical 
Information Date,-,-,:AEPTICAO=T,	 4,N,International Civil 
Organization Number,-,-,:AEPTDKEY=T,	 7,N,DAFIF Reference 
Number,-,-,:TILE_ID=S,	 1,F,Tile Reference 
Identifier,-,AEPOINT.PTI,:END_ID=I	 1,F,Entity Node Primitive 
Foreign Key,-,-,:;


This function reads all DCW files except index files (files with names ending in 'X'), thematic index files (files with names ending in 'TI'), and spatial index files (files with names ending in 'SI').

File separators are platform dependent. The filepath input must use appropriate file separators, which you can determine using the MATLAB® filesep function.

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Introduced before R2006a

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